Our Activities

In line with its global charitable mission, Vedic Sanskriti Sansthanam has started its activities in India. Our mission is to promote the Vedic vision of the fundamental unity in all creation, ‘Eko aham, Dwitiyo naa asti!’ across the globe through action in education and healthcare arenas of developing countries. Organizational set up has been completed with registration with the government of the state of Uttar Pradesh as a charitable trust and with India’s Income Tax Department, equivalent of US Internal Revenue Service.

Our initial activities have been providing free meals to orphan girl children in Arsh Kanya Gurukulam in Noida, U.P. We are actively looking for an opportunity to start an orphanage for young children-scoping for land is currently underway. To make contribution to India’s vast linguistic cultural heritage, a website has been launched (http://maatrushiksha.org/) having a searchable database of idioms. As of today, it has close to 8,000 entries in Devnagari and Roman scripts, and more are bring added every day.